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Massification of user experience as a business strategy

May 24, 2018

This article can be faced as a step ahead of this one suggesting user experience as the main driver for successful business models.

The massification of good user experience is a trend and it makes a huge sense. Let’s discuss why and some opportunities we can easily see ahead.

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People are demanding about good experiences

When you are planning a trip and want a flight with more comfort, it costs more. A special consultant to assist you during your buying experiences, will cost more (there are even stores that plan for times with closed doors to meet only one single and special buyer at a time). Product faster delivery? More money. When you want to visit a special beach in your vacations, and want a boat just to you and one more with you, it costs more. People with high acquisition power have it and look for it naturally because they can afford.

But everybody want good experience. Everybody want to feel they are different. They feel special when they receive unique treatments. But not everybody have enough money to pay for unique experiences. And it’s completely reasonable. Better experiences will require either more people involved or more specialized people involved to deliver that in a customized way.

Products and services’s experiences

It’s possible to deliver a better experience when we talk about products in an easier way. When you buy a product from Apple, the experience is incredible. It was designed by a group of high qualified people inside one of the most innovative companies in world, and then copied to everybody who buys the result. They think about the product in California (expensive), and produce it in China (cheap). When you buy a Tesla, the experience is also meaningful. It drives by itself, is secure, can be accessed through a mobile phone. No one has done that before. When you buy a piece of clothe from Nike, it is not very different than other brands, but you know it’s a Nike and you are wearing the same of many athletes.

When we talk about those services which require a lot of attention, the good experience gets way harder to achieve. Meals, travels, entertainment, financial services, in-store purchases and many other require more subjective requirements to show a good experience. And it does because trying to teach everyone inside your company to provide the same experience is the same of teaching them to be actors. Once you are delivering something from person to person, the best scenario is that (I.E.) the employee who got inside McDonald’s yesterday serve their customers the same way the owner would. The employee who was hired in the nails saloon won’t have the same experience of the owner who has been running the business for a decade. It’s impossible (for now). It requires experience and commitment to your job. Not everybody want to do that. Actually you could only hire the best people in world to serve your BigMac or to make you up but that would cost a lot of money.

Disney achieved that perfect scenario of experience in services and is a world benchmark. I can’t remember another one now.


When we start to think about how technology can assist that experience mission, some of these mentioned services start getting easier to improve.

  • How much money would cost to have thousands of movies available at your home? Netflix solved through technology;
  • How much money would you have to have to count with a special treatment from a bank account manager that will only offer you what is really interesting to you and not for his yearly goals? Digital banks solved that with technology;
  • How much time would you spend searching for a good price for your next trip going physically from store to store? solved that gathering everything online. And did that in a cheaper way than the stores;
  • How much would cost you to have a personal consultant tracking what you like to say wherever and personalizing that to buying suggestions? Amazon solved through suggestions (AI) and Google by ads (BigData);

All the examples above used to be services that would require more time or money on customer’s side. Technology gives them autonomy to look for/do everything when they want. The autonomy is part of a good experience. The ease to use is important, the speed and all the steps required to reach a goal matter.

  • Why is it so hard to deal with flights miles in some companies? It should be all automated. We do have technology for that.
  • Cable TV companies could offer customized plans for people. This way people could buy only those 10 channels they are really interested in. Let’s put technology here!
  • Why can’t we design our own mobile phone plan? 1h of calls, more 10gb of internet and international usage costs you (fidelity plans here) only 50 dollars a month. Let’s try to measure usage in different ways.

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